Mosquito Control

Strategy and Management That Gets to the Root of the Problem
Our vector trained technicians do more than simply exterminate existing swarms of mosquitoes. Our technicians will assess your property, and then follow a three-pronged approach that will ensure your continued comfort throughout the season.

To exterminate the existing mosquitoes lingering around your property, our technicians apply a mosquito barrier in the form of a wax-based water repellent spray that clings to the structures and organic matter around your space. In order to keep future swarms from forming, our repellent treatment masks carbon dioxide levels to make your property less appealing to mosquitoes as they are drawn to the CO2 that humans exhale. Finally, a vertical barrier is applied which strengthens with each service visit. You and your family can enjoy all the fun and activities that good weather allows, without the nuisance of buzzing flying pests.

Results happen quickly! Whether for home or your business, get started by contacting us today!

If you’re tired of battling annoying mosquitoes in your backyard all summer long, there is a simple and effective solution available to you. Mosquito Shield® is proud to offer the best mosquito control service on the market. As an experienced outdoor pest control service company, we feature two effective products and services that will transform your backyard into the peaceful place you and your family have always dreamed of.

Help Protect Your Family From the Dangers of Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Mosquitoes are seen as an annoyance, but over the past decade, we have seen how important it is to protect ourselves from the harmful effects caused by their bites. Mosquitoes carry diseases that pose serious health threats to your family and your pets. Drawing on our years of experience, the experts at Mosquito Shield® are happy to discuss a management strategy for preventing these pests from causing chaos at your home. Get the mosquito facts and more information about the diseases they carry by visiting our FAQs page.

Nothing ruins a day in the park or another enjoyable outdoor recreational activity like getting bitten by mosquitoes. For guests at campgrounds, parks, and other facilities, nothing brings more peace of mind than knowing that they won’t have to worry about treating mosquito bites or swatting pests off their skin. Give your guests and patrons comfort and freedom from mosquitoes with an effective commercial mosquito control solution.

Keep Guests Coming Back
Extend your busy season with mosquito and tick prevention that keeps mosquitoes and ticks outside of your park or recreational facility, away from your valued guests. Mosquito Shield provides full-time commercial mosquito and tick protection control programs for parks, recreational areas, and other outdoor facilities across the country.

Trust the Experts
Mosquito Shield technicians are trained in treating a diverse array of environments and habitats. With experience in providing significant results to visitors of municipalities, private businesses, government agencies, commercial properties and recreational areas, Mosquito Shield will help keep any outdoor space safer from the nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks. Our commercial mosquito and tick control programs, combined with municipal mosquito protection efforts, are designed to maximize public well-being and minimize effects to the environment.

Demonstrate Safety and Compliance
Providing a results-driven service like mosquito control demonstrates your commitment to helping protect your guests from harmful bites. Businesses and municipalities have historically being sued over mosquito and tick bites in response to bites that have resulted in permanent disability or death. When there is a known mosquito or tick problem, you may have the legal obligation to treat that problem or warn the public. Addressing the problem as soon as you can will protect your business and your guests.

Mosquito Spraying for Outdoor Events
Nothing can disrupt and potentially ruin an outdoor wedding, graduation or party like swarms of buzzing, biting mosquitoes and pests. Planning an event is stressful enough, but trying to plan around the nuisance of mosquitoes is simply a waste of time. Keep your event running as planned with a one-time mosquito control spray from Mosquito Shield.

Keep Pests Out
This convenient treatment, applied by vector trained technicians, is the perfect way to keep uninvited guests out of any special event. The proprietary formula is sprayed in a border around the designated outdoor space, keeping pests out and allowing you and your guests to enjoy the occasion. From weddings to kids parties, our treatment eliminates the need for annoying bug sprays, nets, and extra layers of clothing.

Schedule Your Treatment
Simply schedule your treatment by contacting us at least one week prior to your special event. 24-48 hours prior to the event, we will apply our exclusive Mosquito Protection Blend spray and include extra protection against other biting insects. It’s exactly what you need to keep your guests comfortable and enjoy a perfect special event. This treatment is applied long before guests arrive. It will help provide protection during both daytime and nighttime hours and dries in minutes, leaving no odor or visible residue.

Our Guaranteed Protection Plan kills mosquitoes and begins the critical process of establishing a protective barrier on your property. Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend™ is applied around all active areas such as decks, patios, pools, swing sets, etc. We actively monitor mosquito populations and weather patterns and return to your property approximately every two weeks. Our proprietary Rain Shield™ is added for improved protection during wet weather conditions which allows the barrier to remain in effect. The protective barrier (assuming no applications are skipped), gets stronger as the season progresses.

Our one-time treatment is the perfect way to protect your special event. Ideal for weddings, graduations or family gatherings, we will work with you to make sure it is a great event. Simply schedule your spray at least one week prior and Mosquito Shield will handle the rest. It is exactly what you need to keep the fun in and the bugs out.